Stand-alone UXP Developer Tool Installler

Is it possible to get a stand-alone installer again? Our division’s license agreement with Adobe specifically excludes Creative Cloud (we can’t even install apps from a personal Adobe account) so we have no way to work on UXP automation and tools.

Sorry for the late reply here; just noticed it!

Are you using the admin console to install apps & plugins?

No worries! Our IT team use the admin console for setting policies and such, I don’t have much visibility into the specifics though. End users install Adobe apps from a jamf managed service. Generally the only plugins we do / can install are those we can manually move into the plugins folder. I finally released a UXP plugin for testing and discovered that the CC Desktop app is the installer, so we’d need that as an independent tool as well.

I’d need a standalone installer, because my users are not allowed to install Apps from the CC-App. Instead I’m using the admin console to create packages that are deployed with munki. But in the Admin Console it is not possible to create a package with the UXP Dev Tools.
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@o_h, we’re adding support to the admin console for the UXP Developer Tools. Should be coming soon.

Are you a member of any Ps Prerelease? If so, there’s an older standalone installer in the prerelease that might work for you.

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