Storage doesn't persist on plugin updates?

I am saving some data into the window.localStorage.
Looks like it doesn’t persist when user updates the plugin from one version to another. Both installation and update was via Adobe Marketplace.

Are there any known issues around use of localStorage?

I’m assuming you’re updating the plugin here, and not the app? Either way, though, localStorage should be persistent across the update unless the user’s removed their settings intentionally.

We’d need a bit more information on OS, host & plugin versions, etc., to help. If you’ve got a reproducible way to clear localStorage on an update, we definitely want to know!

One user have reported this issue to happen every update on:
OS: WIndows 10 Pro
Adobe Photoshop: 22.4.3 20210708.r.317 bb896cc x64
I will try to reproduce myself

May users keep complaining that updating the plugin via Adobe Marketplace resets stored information.
@kerrishotts Do you have any ideas how can I try reproducing it?
The only possible scenario I see is to have locally installed “fake” older version and update it via marketplace, but this is not exactly what users are doing.