Symlink support


For a handful of reasons I’d prefer not to store my repo in the plugin folder:

  • My plugin is compiled
  • My plugin supports many platforms so its full of code that is not relevant to XD
  • I keep all my repos together elsewhere
  • It’s a pain to cd into a path that deep

If I want to keep my repo separate and compile for the Application Support folder I have a few options:

  • Compile directly to ~/…/plugins/myplugin
  • Compile to repo/build/ then copy to ~/…/plugins/myplugin on every build
  • symlink repo/build/ to ~/…/plugins/myplugin once then compile to repo/build/

For simplicity sake, I prefer the latter.

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As a workaround for the time being, it would be worth checking out xdpm 's watch feature: