There is no progress bar window when using the BATCHPLAY of UXP to execute the C ++ plug -in (more than 10 seconds)

In the introduction page of the official document about BatchplayCommandOptions: https: //

Just see the name of the parameters provided, but it does not provide the function interpretation and example of each parameter. In UXP, Batchplay is a very important feature, especially the developer who transferred from CEP to UXP. It is necessary to fully understand the usage of each function and parameters in order to solve the functions that have been implemented in CEP. It looks particularly important.

For example: When I use Batchplay to execute a C ++ plug -in, it runs at least ten seconds (far exceeding the official instructions for 2 seconds), but I have never seen the progress of the progress bar window from beginning to end. I don’t know if I don’t know What is the reason, I guess whether it is the parameter option of Batchplay when performing such plug -in functions, but I didn’t see any information related to this. Can there be similar certification questions to help solve it? Thank you so much.