Too quiet here

I’m surprised at how quiet things are here.

Is everyone happy and everything’s working perfectly?

Or maybe no one’s working on plugins?

I imagine the Adobe folk are happy things are quiet…



We are getting a lot of new/patch submissions coming in! We would actually love to see more interactions here. If you have any good idea, please let us know.

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I’ll second Steve: we enjoy interacting in the forums! Lots of developers are working on final submissions for MAX so might be quietly wrapping things up.

On the Adobe side, we’ve been prepping for and participating in a (no device :astonished:) group onsite to talk about the next year of the platform. Pics here:

What’s happening with XD 23? Never showed up in the XD private prerelease program. Or has that been shut down in favor of a normal prerelease program?

Not every release gets a prerelease. Since XD 23 update is mostly minor bug fixes, we didn’t feel that a prerelease was necessary for this particular release. Thanks for asking- we will soon create a post about how XD 23 impacts our developers.

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So what is the MAX release going to be called, the one with shared editing?

That’s the one you’d think would need some serious beating-on from a 3rd party plugin point of view…

XD 24 will be released at MAX, and IIRC, the pre-release should be out next week. (That could always change, though.)

XD 23 doesn’t impact developers very much beyond just some bug fixes and performance improvements. We’ll release an update on that here shortly, and the public release should be in a few days, assuming there’s no unexpected blockers.

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But won’t 24 (if it includes the massive changes required for live collaboration) potentially interact with plugins in new/buggy ways? So if it’s released at MAX, couldn’t that break a lot of plugins?

Or is 24 being done in a way that pretty much guarantees no problems with third-party plugins?

(I’m only talking about this here because Adobe has been quite open about what’s coming at MAX.)

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The intent is to avoid breaking plugins with live editing – and we’ve done a bit of internal testing on that.

I am asking internally to ship a developer prerelease at the same time as the general prerelease so you all can test on it.