Unable to suppress Fill dialog options window


I was trying to fill in layers with transparentPixelsLocked using batchplay like so:

const result = await batchPlay([{
_obj: “fill”,
using: {
_enum: “fillContents”,
_value: “foregroundColor”
_options: {
dialogOptions: “dontDisplay”

But every time the options window would appear (image below) even with dontDisplay and silent (the command doesn’t run if set to silent) in the batchplay options. Setting displayDialogs to NONE or ERROR DialogModes didn’t help either. Having this window would be too inconvenient for what I’m trying to do to have to hit enter on the dialog box every time.

I found that without transparentPixelsLocked this works fine and runs a fill without the dialog box, so I should be able to work around it with masking. I’m not sure why we need to have the dialog box in this scenario when manually alt + backspace doesn’t and there didn’t look like there were any differences in the commands. I just wanted to bring it up here in case I’m doing something wrong/missing some way to suppress this, or if it could be an idea to have greater control for dialogs or even just for allowing both at once (pixel locking and no fill dialog) in the future. :slight_smile: Thanks!