Unload a plugin in Dev Tools

Not sure if it’s the right category for such question, so feel free to move topic to appropriate one if needed

I can’t find any way to Unload a plugin in Dev Tools. Plugin doesn’t appear in Plugin manager on CC app so can’t disable it. Also Dev Tools have only Remove selected, which isn’t what I would want. I want to keep my dev version in Dev Tools, but also I want to test final ccx package from scratch without the need to close Photoshop. But now the only way to get rid of plugin in Ps and keep it in Dev Tools is Ps relaunch.

There’s an option exactly called “Unload” :thinking:


Oh I see now it can be added via CC app. I remember I’ve doewnloaded it and didn’t keep updated apparently. Installed v1.1.0 via CC and Unload is there. Thank you