User testing plugin - Useberry - Other suggestions

Hello Everyone,

I have tried to use the Useberry plugin to invite users to test my prototype.
But it does not work.

I have tried to contact the Useberry team by their contact formular, facebook and direct support mail…
But unfortunately without any luck…

Have you experienced problems with the Useberry plugin?
Do you know about other or better alternatives?

I know there is the “Usertesting” plugin and “Userlytics” but I am not looking for that type of usertesting tools.

I would like to find users myself and then be able to send them a link so they can try my prototype and give me direct feedback.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Kristophpher, welcome to the plugin developer forums! And sorry you’re having trouble. Thanks for letting us know.

For plugins, I’m not sure of alternatives for what you want to do, but have you tried XD’s own prototype sharing feature? That will enable you to share your prototype with users who can leave feedback directly on the prototype.

Hi Ashryan,

Thank you very much ! You are my Hero!

That solves everything… Forgive me I am stupid… :sweat_smile:
Have a great day.


Not at all! Hope you love it!

Btw, you’re certainly welcome here but it’s worth noting these forums are for community banter about building XD plugins.

On the XD user side of things, there are a lot of great resources, including user community links, on Be sure to check that out too :slight_smile: