UXP Developer Tool has a timeout?

I really like the UXP Developer Tool but occasionally it reverts back to the Ready state:


It usually occurs if a certain amount of time has passed. Does it have a timeout? If so is there a way to extend it?

I find that this usually occurs when your machine goes to sleep for a long period of time (for me, usually over night). If it’s occurring more frequently, please let me know.

I noticed the same thing for over night. But the last few days it’s happened after about 15 - 60 minutes while I’m working on a plugin.

@Velara – What kind of connection are you on – WiFi, wired? Are you on Windows or macOS?

I’m on Wifi on OSX 10.15.7.

I can confirm it regularly happens when the PC goes to sleep after a while but it seems to happen when I work on code in VS for a while and then switch back to XD to test it and see the changes not take effect and then notice UXP DT has switched into the ready state.

Can you check console.app and see if there’s any logs about the network connection being reset? I’ve had times in the past where my WiFi had a weak signal and caused lots of network connectivity issues. Shouldn’t affect UDT, but just thinking out loud.