UXP Developer Tools is slow. Is there an older version to download?

Hi, I am using the last version of UXP Dev Tool in Windows with latest version of XD(48.0.12) with a REACT or a VUE plugin, but it looks that is reloading very slowly. It basically freezes for quite a few seconds. I remember some time ago a previous version used to be much faster. I tried it on two different computers, but the speed is the same. :frowning:

Is there a way to get that version back somehow.
Is there a download link available?

PS: a simple javascript (non-react) plugin seems to reload very fast.

The issue = not responding:

That’s all I have:

Looks like you’re on Windows. It’s especially important when watching a plugin using React/Vue/etc. that has a lot of Node module to use the ••• > Options dialog to set the build/dist path. This way UDT can watch only for changes in the build output instead of having to watch for changes across hundreds of Node modules. (For some reason, macOS handles this quickly, but Windows… nope!)