UXP icons missing - Windows 10 - Photoshop 22.4.0

With the Photoshop 22.4.0 update, the UXP icons are blank on my Windows 10 machine and some of my plugin user’s machines as well. On my Mac, the icons all work fine.

I downloaded some plugins from the exchange to test and the icons are missing across the board so it’s not just my plugins.

Is anyone else seeing this and does anyone know of a fix? Maybe there was a change with how the manifest document needs filled out for the icon images?

Yep, some of my customers encountered the same issues. However, I wasn’t able to reproduce and experienced that issue on my Mac or my Win machines. Most of my panels users went back to a previous PS version, and some awaits for next PS iteration.

I have the same issue, I double checked and even uxp-photoshop-plugin-samples icons disappeared. Win10 x64 Ps 22.4

Looks to be nearly universal on Windows 10: Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop Family

It turns out this also affects CEP panels. The internal bug number is PS-65775 (internal to Adobe) and a fix is in the works!

good to hear, thanks for the update

It’s been three weeks and still no patch :confused:
I have no idea what processes are in place at Adobe, but how hard it can be to simply revert the changes that broke a lot of stuff (not only missing icons)? And that’s been already 2 versions (22.4 and 22.4.1) - still no fixes…

There’s no “simply revert” when it comes to software at the complexity of Photoshop. Reverting would be a massive undertaking and affect everyone, including those who don’t use plugins and thus didn’t even know there was an issue.

Fixing the problem also requires time to discover the cause (wasn’t just limited to UXP plugins, for example – CEP plugins also had the issue), and then requires time to test & certify that the fix works without breaking anything else. All of this takes time.

As far as I can tell from the internal bug report, it appears to be fixed as part of 22.4.2. I’m not responsible for the Photoshop release cycle, so I can’t say when that will drop, but I’d expect it to be reasonably soon.

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Doesn’t all this sound so ironic… :slight_smile:

Releasing a version full of issues also affected almost everyone. I really doubt there are many who doesn’t use at least one plugin

Wouldn’t proper testing prevent the need for the fix in the first place? Especially when the issue

Exactly - every release requires time to test and see if everything works without breaking anything else, but that was not done properly and now double time is wasted on the expense of users and plugin developers

It wouldn’t if devs/testers/QA teams would’ve done their jobs

Sad to say, but at least a couple years now, when minor releases always had major bugs affecting almost everyone. There probably were some exceptions, but I don’t remember any.

I really think it’s time for Adobe to put some effort in testing and not simply releasing when one or two devs say it works on my machine. I mean how hard it was to notice that all plugins icons are gone?

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