Ways to create panel screenshots for preview images

While creating preview images for my plugins I noticed that it’s kinda difficult right now to get high resolution screenshots of our panels. Since CEP provided a chrome browser I used to just zoom there to get a 200% view I could capture.

I tried to paste the whole HTML tree to a .html file to view it in the browser, but as expected the styles are all messed up, and this can probably never be an exact representation due to native styles that come from Photoshop / UXP.

I know features like the CSS transform property will come in the future, maybe this could be helpful to scale the whole panel by 2.

Do you guys have any workarounds? Right now I’m just using the “Nearest Neighbor” algorithm of Photoshop to resize the image to 200%, as this one gives the crispest results for UIs (many rectangles).

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I do set scaling in Windows 10 and PS will adjust automatically.

No PS restart required.


Oh well, that was easier than expected. Didn’t think of that :sweat_smile: Thanks!

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