Websocket error handling issue

I connect websocket to my client app (this is include websocket server and this is electron application) and my plugin is used by websocket client.
I want to know error when occur error of websocket through ‘onerror’ event handler

but, parameter of onerror handler is always empty object ‘{}’

my error handler code is like below:

ws.onerror = function(err: any): any {
  console.log('error', err, err.message); // It displayed '{} undefined'
  console.log('error', err.error, err.lineno, err.filename, err.colno, err.message); // It displayed '{} undefined undefined undefined, undefined'

and research about Websocket error handler from MDN(https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebSocket/onerror)
I cannot find any useful information.

anyone who knows about this issue, please comment for me. thx

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Hi @pyeong.oh,

first of all: welcome to the forums :wave:. You might want to consider writing a short introduction in the introductions category :slightly_smiling_face:.

According to the WebSocket docs, XD’s APIs don’t have a WebSocket::onerror handler. Since your console.log statements seem to execute, this seems to be an undocumented aspect of the APIs, meaning it’s probably incomplete and subject to change. I would therefore be very careful about using it at all.

I unfortunately don’t know a solution to your problem, but as a quick response, please be aware that there are aspects of the plugin APIs that aren’t on par with – say – standard web APIs. Therefore, you’ll probably have to use something else here, as onerror is, in a way, uncharted territory in the plugin APIs :wink:.

HI, Nothing problem, I’m rather grateful for modify my post to improve readability.
I will try to write the post in the correct format next time.

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Ah, That is exactly what i wondering of. thx

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if any other solution to handling error when use XD’s websocket API?

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