What are the pixel filters in UXP DOM that you are missing the most? 🤔

What are the pixel filters in UXP DOM that you are missing the most? :thinking:

Could you explain “pixel filters” and also give us examples of our choices?

Sure! I think “gaussian blur” is quite popular and also “high pass”. It would be great if in the next version of UXP you would not miss your favorites.

Thank you for your awesome work man!

my most used filters includes:
Gaussian blur
Motion blur
Add Noise
Dust & scratches
Smart sharpen

hope this helps.

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I would include the Adobe Camera Raw filter.

That is the bigger one… something about 100 arguments. I totally understand why you want it :sweat_smile:

Dom for Adobe Camera Raw filter would be a game changer. I didn’t include it in the list cuz I understand it requires so much work and time.

Or a single JSON argument :slight_smile:

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Guassian blur, high pass, add noise, and unsharp mask!

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Honestly, I rarely use the DOM and rarely used it in extendscript too. In extendscript I used almost all Action Manager coding and I use batchPLay almost exclusively in UXP.

For me, it’s more work to try to keep up with what is available in the DOM and what isn’t. I just put all of the batchPlay functions at the bottom of the javascript and have the actual programming sequence coding at the top.

This way I never have to care what is or isn’t available in the DOM :slight_smile:


With typescript, it will show you in the editor what are your options and also can whisper what arguments to use. So I think once it will be all in place and stable then it will become more convenient.

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Isn’t it so, that method availability varies with versions and TS types aren’t versioned. So now TS isn’t really usable for DOM, when you actually have no idea if shown methods by IDE autocomplete are available for your version or if there actually are available methods which are not shown by autocomplete :thinking:

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Yes, I agree. I struggle with it myself. You can install any version of typings you want to but you need clear guidelines which version you actually need to. So you could e.g. npm install @types/photoshop@23.5.1


How about one we never got? Export As… :upside_down_face:

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That is not exactly filter. But I agree that it would be useful to have more export methods :slight_smile:

@Wanokuni @Timothy_Bennett I can’t promise anything but you could have these filters soon.

But no Camera Raw yet. Sorry, this one filter needs more time :smiley: :expressionless:


Filters are now in PS 23.5.0 Beta. Test it asap so possible bugs won’t be shipped into the stable version. Try different bits per channel, color spaces, values,…

I hope there will be documentation soon. Meanwhile, you could try ExtendScript documentation… it is similar and it should tell you if you try to pass the wrong argument.

@Wanokuni @Timothy_Bennett


@Jarda, is it too late to change applyDeInterlace to applyDeinterlace (note the capital I)? I mean it’s a one word, just like applyDespeckle and not applyDeSpeckle :thinking:


Hmm maybe it could be done :thinking: Right now nobody is using these yet… so it would not break plugins.

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I just checked and now I see where it came from :slight_smile: In the menu filters are called Despeckle and De-Interlace. I would bet, that different teams (or at least different employees) did these without any communication and there was no one at Adobe to check the consistency of naming :frowning:

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