What is the best way to post issues with InDesign APIs?

I’ve been developing a plugin last week, and while I managed to get everything done, there’s been a couple of issues I’ve encountered, and I’d like to get them to somebody / somebody’s tracker. What is the best way?

Issues include stuff from ignored panel icons, errors in documented methods (writeFileSync), up to completely missing stuff that’s documented (uxp.XMP)


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This is a great place to get issues onto @pkrishna’s list :wink: (current Product Manager).

If you can, provide sample code and steps to reproduce each issue. Also note which version of InDesign, your OS, and the versions of UXP and the UXP Developer Tool (especially since a new UDT just came out).

Thank you @Erin_Finnegan - will try to create a minimal repro case.

In the meantime, could you also direct me where to post bugs with the indesign itself? :smiley: I’ve found this issue where running a GREP collapsing ends of paragraphs breaks selection (Original selection was the whole TextColumn, Cmd+A in the textframe - as a new forum user, I can only post one media)

(In case I won’t be redirected and somebody from InDesign team takes a look at it here, it’s M1 Mac Ventura 13.4.1 with the InDesign 19.0)

I think this is the right place for posting InDesign bugs: https://indesign.uservoice.com/forums/601180-adobe-indesign-bugs

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