XD crashes

XD crashes while I’m trying to process both cloud and local files using my plugin. In previous XD versions it was possible to download logs but now the only option is to send report. Is there any way to debug it?

For now it looks like Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors called on some fill objects (not all) causes the crash. Specifically:


called on linear gradient.

We are also seeing this behavior. Worked fine on XD 28.

Here’s a sample plugin to repro:

prototype-crash.zip (6.7 KB)

Click on a shape with a linear or radial gradient fill and click the button in the panel

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Really I want to point out that it’s really awful to release application with blocker issue and disable plugins update in store:

Plugin creation and submission unavailable
Adding plugin IDs to projects and submitting plugins for review are temporarily unavailable starting Sunday, September 20 at 9:00pm PST. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working quickly to resolve this as soon as possible.

So developers can’t even publish workaround for the problem.

Thank you for reporting this. I have reproduced the crash and logged a bug with the XD team.

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Thank you for the sample code. That crashes XD for me as well, and I let the XD team know.

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Avocode Write plugin is also affected and we already got several reports from our users. We do call Object.getPrototypeOf(node.fill) and this crashes whole XD on both Windows and OSX OS.
Can be reproduced by installing Avocode Write and Avocode app, than clicking on “Sync to Avocode” in the Avocode Write XD plugin button with any XD file that contains a gradient.
It’s great to see you are already on the issue!

We can reproduce it in in - is it still the same issue as original report?

The call we use is Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors(Object.getPrototypeOf(node.fill))

Sorry, are there any updates on the issue? It looks like blocker bug still not fixed and plugins publishing is blocked. Any workarounds?

This is now fixed in XD 34.1.12, released today (October 26).