XD 35 API Updates

XD 35 is out today!

It ships with localStorage, sessionStorage, and secureStorage.


Your link is to the documentation about localStorage, and that page has a link to the page about secureStorage.

By guessing the URL, I found the page about sessionStorage: https://adobexdplatform.com/plugin-docs/reference/uxp/module/sessionStorage.html

I hope that future updates to the Adobe XD platform documentation make it easier to see where a page is in the content tree. The new Photoshop API documentation does a good job of this.

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Thanks for the feedback, @TroyMc! I’ll update my links…

It just so happens that @kerrishotts, @ashryan, and team are working on porting the XD documentation into that very same new template, so if you’ve got more feedback for them about the docs or suggestions, do let us know!