XD 36: Spectrum UXP, Manifest Changes, UXP Developer Tool Access, and new Layout APIs

XD 36 will be out next week, and it contains a lot of big updates: Spectrum UXP, Manifest Changes, UXP Developer Tool Access, and new Layout APIs. Check out @kerrishotts’s blog post below for the details. If you’re in the private developer prerelease, you can check out XD 36 now.

Is this specific only for XD or is Photoshop included in the upcoming changes?

Specifically, with regards to the native HTML elements being deprecated, does that include the native HTML button for Photoshop?

There is a bug with sp-button in Photoshop which I reported. The work-around was to use the native HTML button which does not have the bug. In 22.1.0, it seems to be partially fixed but there are still some issues with the sp-button. The issues are kind of difficult to explain so I was planning to create a video and post showing what the sp-buttons are doing.

Here is a link to the post where I reported the bug. Other people are seeing the same thing too.

The deprecation of HTML widgets (not things like DIVs or SPANs) is applicable to all products supporting UXP. We’re aware of the bug w/ spectrum buttons and clicks, and that will be fixed as part of the process. We won’t restrict use of the HTML controls until the Spectrum controls have parity & have no serious usability issues like this one.

This deprecation is one of the steps required to fix a lot of other issues in the runtime, including input boxes effectively having infinite z-order, but also enablement of animation, accessibility, etc. This is a long-term process, so we’re letting you know now, and giving plenty of notice before we actively take any steps to removing the deprecated controls.


Following up: XD 36 is out now! It started rolling out to users on Monday night.

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