Adobe 38, Layout, Stacks, and Padding APIs; plus UXP Dev Tools (macOS only)

XD 38 and UXP Tool are out now, with some improvements for plugin developers. Here’s the changelog.

1. Layout APIs for Stacks and Padding

XD 38 contains the first Layout APIs for Stacks and Padding with getters and setters. Stacks and padding have been available to prerelease users since XD 36.0.25, but now they are publicly available.

2. Adobe UXP Developer Tool; Unified Dev Tools (UDT)

Developers using macOS and Windows can now use the Unified Developer Tools (UDT) to help with building and debugging XD plugins. (Previously the tool was only available for Photoshop UXP development.) UDT can be downloaded directly from XD via the “Plugins/Development/Get Developer Tools” menu item, or from the Creative Cloud Desktop app, by following these instructions. Once UDT is downloaded and installed, XD can launch or bring it to the front from the same menu item. Here’s the documentation.

To report issues or share feedback on the Layout APIs or UDT, please use this short survey.

3. Windows Menu Changes

As of XD 38, we’ve be replaced the “hamburger” menu in the upper-left of the product UI with a top-level menu on XD for Windows (much like we deliver on Mac). Now that the top menus will be available, the right menu within the application has fewer context-specific menu options.

Please let us know in this thread if the Windows menu changes have affected your plugin layout.


The UDT turned out to be excellent; it had some annoying issues before, but they are mostly gone in this update. :+1:


Hi is there an update for 39 in the changelog?

Also, in the notes for 39.0 were there any Plugin Manager changes?

Hi @Velara,

There are some changes in 39, posted in the prerelease group, but the Plugin Manager changes won’t roll out until April 19th. (Explained more in the prerelease.)

On Monday we’ll post more about 39 here and update the changelog.

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The XD 39 Plugin Managers have since been delayed. It’s not clear when they’ll roll out just yet.

The Marketplace migration has been officially delayed until XD 40 in May. I’ll do a longer format post as soon as I’m clear on some other details of XD 39…