XD 45 Video and Lottie Animation Support

XD 45 is now available. This release includes a new plugin API that imports files into documents, including images, videos, and Lottie animations:


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Hi great news. if i want to get what is more properties of the video (loop/mute/play automatically) how do i find it?

Properties that are specific to Lottie and Video nodes are not available via the plugin API at this time, only the inherited SceneNode properties.


regarding the video/lottie support - i see we can import video files from the plugin itself. however, if the user already added a video to the artboard - is there a way to get it from the node and upload it to our servers?

Lottie and videos that have been added to a document cannot be extracted or exported in the original format. I have seen at least one other request to support this, but there is no update on if or when this will be supported: