XD hangs consuming a lot of cpu

Hi, after some interactions with plugin, after plugin is already closed XD hangs using a lot of cpu. Are there any way to find out the reason of it or debug it somehow?

I’d also like to know more on this topic. We’re working on a plugin with @stojan which even when it’s closed (opened at least once), causes XD to freeze when you try to Quit and only Force Close can close that XD instance.

Other opened XD instances (if any) remain stable. Maybe these two are unrelated problems, but we got nothing so far. Tested on macOS.

Initially we think it’s something related with writing and reading to file storage, but we’ll report more when we narrow it down.

I faced it while testing my own plugin which doesn’t perform any read/write operations or modify file anyhow so I’m not sure if it’s related. Also it appears not immediately after plugin closed but in couple minutes or so. Anyway we need a way to collect debug info somehow.

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@gdreyv Does you plugin maybe use WebSocket? Sorry if I’m being annoying, I’m just trying to narrow down the problem.

nope, just some basic network and document read. Well, really couple times it was I just opened plugin and closed without any action. Then paste layer or rollback operation and that’s it, XD hangs.

Do you have a reproducible test case that typically causes the issue? Would love to give it a go if you do.

Also, which version of XD?

I’m on I don’t have any stable reproduceable examples. It appears pretty often but every time in a new place. Pattern is about interact with a plugin, switch to layers panel, do something on canvas. I believe it’s kind of combination of cases. Is it possible to enable verbose logging on the client so I can share details with you?

@kerrishotts we have an .xdx and steps to reproduce the bug in our plugin. Can I send you a copy please?

Yes, absolutely :slight_smile: Just send me a DM.

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