Xdpm v4.0, now with plugin bootstrapping

After a little over a month of good discussion and revisions on the pull request, xdpm v4.0 is now available on GitHub and npm.

To install or update:

% npm install -g @adobe/xdpm

New feature: bootstrap

any of the following:

xdpm bootstrap                        # Bootstrap a headless plugin
xdpm bootstrap my-panel               # Bootstrap a headless plugin in dir ./my-panel
xdpm bootstrap panel                  # Bootstrap a panel plugin
xdpm bootstrap panel my-panel         # Bootstrap a panel plugin in dir ./my-panel

Plugin type options:

  • headless (default)
  • panel
  • modal
  • react

Bug fixes

  • Xdpm now exits with non-zero code (1) when xdpm validate manifest validation fails (thanks for the report @halfbloodman)
  • Improved validation for latest requirements

Thanks for contributing!

@kerrishotts @pklaschka @yoshikinoko


In case you missed it: here we share the highlights from the Xpdm 4.0 release, which included the ability to bootstrap a plugin using the CLI, if that’s your preferred method for working on XD Plugins.

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