Acces cloud content API

The last two months we tried multiple times to request access to the cloud content API. We submitted the request form on your website multiple times but didn’t get an answer. This form : XD Cloud Content API Key Request

We would like to read the JSON format of the share URL a client submits, so we have the ability to import the design in our interactive publication platform.

Is this solution still active?

Hi there,

Sorry about that, there’s been a lot of turnover, and the employee who was monitoring the form left Adobe, and the other people on that team are new. I’ll check with the Product Manager…

Following up: We’re no longer accepting new integration requests for the XD Cloud Content API.

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Hi Erin,

As in… we are busy with a new solution? Or should we cancel the Adobe XD import idea and ask users to move to Sketch/Figma?

Thank you,