Request for Client Secret and Secret Id Access for Adobe XD Cloud Content APIs

I have submitted the request for API keys on Monday and again submitted it yesterday but still not received a response. How much time does it take to approve the request and generate keys? Who do I contact?

Oh no, I thought we were putting up a banner about that on the website… here’s a draft of the text:

As of February 2022, new token requests for the XD Cloud Content APIs are now closed. In order to focus on the future of creativity and design in a Web-first world, the Adobe XD team is hard at work building a foundation for a new ecosystem of Web tools and APIs.

Developers with existing access to the XD Cloud Content APIs will retain access, and integrations will continue to function as usual.

If you want to tell us about your use case, we could tell you if it was ever supported by that API, or if there’s some other way to achieve it.

I want to integrate the Adobe XD cloud content APIs for the following use-cases:
1- Able to view both public or private adobe XD file within our platform.
2- Able to comment on the Adobe XD file using our platform.
Let me know if there is some other way to achieve it.