Need API Key's

Can anyone guide me in getting the API keys for one of my projects

Hi @nitin,

Sorry about the delayed response here. We’re no longer taking key requests. Here’s the official message:

As of February 2022, new token requests for the XD Cloud Content APIs are now closed. In order to focus on the future of creativity and design in a Web-first world, the Adobe XD team is hard at work building a foundation for a new ecosystem of Web tools and APIs.

Developers with existing access to the XD Cloud Content APIs will retain access, and integrations will continue to function as usual at this time. Please use this page as a reference for any further communication regarding the status of the APIs and its future alternatives.

Most of the use cases people had for the API weren’t supported. Engineering resources have since been diverted to other projects.

No one got back to your message because there was a lot of employee turnover…

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