XD Cloud Content APIs are here

Looks like we announced the new XD Cloud Content APIs everywhere but here ><

These APIs will let you get metadata, renditions, and more for XD documents stored and shared with Creative Cloud.

Overview here:

Node.js and Python samples here:

It’s early days for cloud extensibility. Let us know if you have questions or feedback!


Do the APIs enable CORS for the JSON or for renditions? Would you need OAuth to access image data?

Use Case:
Jane created an application at her site janesplace.com. In her cloud document (her XD project) she has images or image assets and wants to show them on her site.

When visiting her page she uses the Cloud API to get the XD project JSON and displays the images or image assets listed in the JSON data in her own project.

The urls in her images are as so:

<img src="adobecloud.com/documents/?id=123.xd&asset=123.png" width="100" height="100"/>

If she marks the project private then you could request a OAuth key or if she marks the project public the JSON would be available across site.

IIRC or incorrectly, sites in the past and possibly present allow pages to retrieve remote images others don’t and somewhere in-between is CORS providing some solutions.

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Update: just heard back from Sarah on the CC Partnerships team today! Hopefully we’ll get our API credentials over the next few days.

Hi @ashryan, how actively is the Adobe team monitoring and replying to new incoming applications for API Key access to the Cloud Content API?

We applied over a week ago for our business, Betafi.

We are building a next-generation user research platform with slick integrations with (hopefully) all of the major prototyping tools on the market.

Our Figma integration is already live and was super-turnkey to build thanks to their self-serve API access.

The application form indicates that the Adobe team should reply within 3 business days, but it’s been over a week now, and in the interim we haven’t even received a basic confirmation email that our submission was received.

Is there some new form or any advice you can offer our team for how to proceed?

Thanks so much, excited to build a really slick Adobe XD integration for our product.

I have been trying to request an API Key for the past one month. I have already sent multiple requests to the adobe team. Sadly no response from them till date. Kindly let me know how we can get an API Key

Hi @ethan and @ganapathy, I’ve reached out to our internal team to find out what our status is here.

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I ended up reaching out to customer support and they managed to put me in touch with the team that helps provision new API credentials. All set now! Actually just completed our initial integration yesterday, can’t wait to share it with folks! It was super turnkey, actually much easier to build than our Figma integration because all the fields we needed were included in a single API response!

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Glad to hear you got access and the API is working well for you! Thanks for bearing with us; we do plan to make API keys self-serve in the future.