ActionNodes [Plugin Presentation]

I don’t know if this is the right place to write such posts, but since my plugin is also intended for developers of Photoshop extensions, I think it is.

So, my plugin - ActionNodes is the plugin for Photoshop that allows you to create your custom actions using nodes. There is a time-unlimited demo version. You can download it from the site:
I have tested ActionNodes on the latest versions of Photoshop: 2021 and 2022.

Nodes don’t cover all of Photoshop’s capabilities (I’ve focused on layers so far), but there are already over 400 nodes and you can also play Photoshop actions using nodes. But unfortunately, the demo version is limited and nodes for playing Photoshop actions are not functional in it, as well as nodes for working with Photoshop documents.

In addition to Photoshop nodes, ActionNodes have nodes for creating loops, checking conditions and forking execution, working with strings, and arithmetic nodes.
You can also create and use variables in your actions (for example, to store intermediate data of your algorithm’s operation).
Besides this, you can easily create a graphical interface for your actions using parameters. Get[*]Value nodes of the appropriate type are used to read data entered by the user through the graphical interface (as well as to read variable values).

Also, unfortunately, only the version for Windows is available so far. A version for MacOs will be developed later.

You can watch the tutorials on the YouTube channel to learn the basics of how the plugin works.

If you have any questions about the plugin, you can ask them here and I will gladly answer them.

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Hi, this is a very interesting concept. I am wondering who is the target group of users? And do you consider this to be easier than writing code?

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Well, these are definitely not simple Photoshop users, but more advanced users who know how to work with actions and know the Photoshop interface well.

Yes, I believe that connecting nodes is much easier than writing code. As an example, you can take Unreal Engine, where thanks to Blueprint there are a lot of stories of how games are created by artists without programming skills.

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This looks interesting! Did you build this with UXP or ExtendScript?

Also you might want to post this in the Photoshop user community.

Nice work!

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I would like to do it in UXP or ExtendedScript, but I don’t know JavaScript that well, so I wrote it in C++. And I believe that this way the code turned out to be more efficient (for working with nodes).

Thanks for the tip!

Thank you!