ActionSet->Action selected action step?


Does anyone know if there is a way to read out the action steps in an action?
I want to be able to resume a stopped action at the step it was stopped, but I have no way of finding out the currently selected step. doesn’t seem to expose this.

I know how to play an action from a certain step using:

_obj: "play",
            _target: [
                    _ref: "command",
                    _index: <insert index here>
                    _ref: "action",
                    _name: actionName
                    _ref: "actionSet",
                    _name: actionSetName
            continue: true,
            _options: {
                dialogOptions: "dontDisplay"


I am not exactly sure about your use case but the Alchemist plugin contains an Occultist panel that can convert actions into source code and provide very good control.