After artboard resize, globalDrawBounds of padding group is not correct


We are developing a plugin.
Immediately after resizing Artboard, globalDrawBounds value of the padding group is not correct.

Steps to reproduce

Created sample.


  • Size:200x80
  • Responsive Resize Fix: top bottom left right
  • Padding: Same padding for all edges.

Plugin code.
Selected node resize and children height size log output.

async function resizeArtboard(selection, root) {
  let node = selection.items[0]
  const bounds = node.globalBounds
  node.resize(bounds.width + 100, bounds.height + 100)
    const bounds = child.globalBounds
    const drawBounds = child.globalDrawBounds
    console.log(`${}: ${bounds.height} ${drawBounds.height}`)
  1. Select artboard.
  2. Run plugin.
  3. check Developer Console.
  4. console output: “PaddingBox: 180 166”

Expected Behavior

output: “PaddingBox: 180 180”

Actual Behavior

console output: “PaddingBox: 180 166”,
Presumably, the output value was not added the padding size.

Additional Information

When padding off, got the right result.

With today’s update, it seems to be working fine.(version
I’ll check a little more.
Is there a detailed ChangeLog for XD?

Looks like it hasn’t been fixed yet.
I don’t know how to reproduce completly. I’m sorry.