Allow offline development

We’ve been talking with engineering about this, and it’s very difficult to pin down.

When you’re online, install this log collector tool.

The next time the plugins go missing, note the time on your computer. Then, run the log collector tool.

In order to investigate the issue, use a file sharing service of your choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and share the following when you’re back online:

  1. If the plugin is from Adobe’s marketplace, provide a link to the listing. If it’s not from Adobe’s marketplace, engineering will need a copy of the plugin installer from the developer (or the user if you’ve got the installer).
    1a. Please list the names of your missing plugins.
  2. The log file(s) you collected. The log collector outputs a ZXP.
    2a. It’s very helpful to include the file name of the ZXP in the body of your email.
  3. The time you noted from your computer when the plugins went missing.

Email and share the above to and CC vvarshne @ adobe . com

Note that ZXP files tend to get lost in the spam filter. If you’ve sent everything and it’s been a few days with no response, email again with no attachments.

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