Best way to get notified about UXP updates in the main PS build?

I’m currently building a plugin using the API version 2 and it’s getting closer to being finished.
The new API (including the modal state & suspendHistory updates) is not yet available in the public Photoshop build, is it?

What’s the best place to look out for such updates?
There’s a What’s new in Photoshop page, but I doubt that the releases listed there show information about UXP or developer relevant information in general.

So should we just wait for a forum post here or in the prerelease forum?
Can we still expect the changes to be live before MAX?


I think it is in PS 22.5 which is public.

Okay that sounds good :+1: still don’t know where the best place to look is though :thinking: I guess just look for the prerelease update posts and compare the version number to the main build?