What to monitor to see updates made to UXP?

Is there some repo or something to monitor to see a normal changelog for Ps UXP? I was watching some repo on GitHub, but all that was happening there - just endless version bumps. Or it’s just that nothing really changed in 3 months while I was busy on other projects? Then why version bumps?

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I assume you’re referring to the documentation repository for Ps & UXP. There hasn’t be a lot that’s changed significantly in the public release given that Ps’s updates are currently around bug fixes and the like, and not about introducing new features. I’ll add that Ps’ update cadence is much more measured than some of the other Adobe applications, and so it’s expected that there wouldn’t be a huge amount of change in the last few months (Adobe MAX → Jan/Feb is always slow.)

The repo itself is versioned and updated every time we make content changes. This can be as simple as fixing a broken link, or tweaking some wording. You can see all the changes we’re making by following the commit history. And yes, most of those are indeed tweaks at the moment.

There will be larger changes coming up soon, and you’ll see some that corresponded in the docs site update.

We’ll also add a Changelog (like we do for the XD docs) in the PS docs repo going forward.

Are you talking here about Ps UXP or Ps itself? Because I’d say layer visibility change while changing just layer name or color is a pretty big bug which actually has no good workaround, because this is combined with a bug where passed layer ID is ignored and only active layer is effected. It seems like a really very simple feature to change one or the other property of a layer (no matter batchPlay or DOM), but it just simply doesn’t work :frowning: