How do things like Stacks & the new scrolling area affect the API?

These seem like big features–any API surface for them?


In GitHub, the master branch is already updated to reflect what’s new in the APIs. You can find the diff here:

It seems like this isn’t reflected on the docs page, as of yet, however…

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Good catch; I’ll start watching that repo.

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Since I always update the typescript definitions, I’m now at a stage where I look at the docs almost exclusively in the repo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Also, I always take a look at the changes before they get released:


Most of the time (pretty much always, really), new version branches follow the pattern xd-[two-digit-number]-docs. I may or may not have a tool set up to notify me whenever a change is committed to a branch that follows this pattern :wink:

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