How to check UXP version in PS?

How can one confirm which version of UXP is built into a given version of Photoshop? There are various references to releases like UXP v6.4.0 in documentation, but I’m unclear how to confirm what’s actually in use.

You can check it in a plugin with versions. Or, IIRC (can’t check now), you can see it in UDT - if you have Ps open, it will also show UXP version too. But not sure about the latter

Thanks! I see it under uxp.versions.uxp

Are you aware of any documentation listing the historical UXP versions used for older PS builds? Would be helpful as a reference when considering feature use / minimum PS version in the manifest.

Only this table

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That’s perfect, thanks @Karmalakas!

Small tip: Alchemist shows current version numbers in the panel footer at all times :slight_smile:

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