Debugging UXP plugins in Photoshop v23.4.2 and v23.5 on the same machine

After updating from Photoshop v23.4.2 to v23.5, all my UXP plugins no longer work. Hoping to fix it so that they work in both production versions, but I can only seem to install one of them on one machine.

I would like to have both present at the same time for debugging purposes. How can I achieve this?

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You should use the “More actions”(three dots) > “Other versions” option in CCD to install other versions of the same major release as shown below.

Thank you for your reply. I am changing versions that way.

However, this method requires reinstallation each time, which consumes time and traffic each time. That is why v23.4.2 and v23.5 must exist on the same machine at the same time.

If you can’t imagine it well, how about this story:

  1. John, a UXP developer, notices an update to Photoshop one day and installs v23.5. He was not sure if his plugins would work with this version, so he tried them and they did not work.

  2. John reinstalled v23.4.2 to see what version his plugins were working. He found that this version worked, and he said, “I’m lucky to get it done in one try. It could have taken many tries”.

  3. he reinstalled Photoshop v23.5 to fix the plugins. Apparently, the error was caused by the changing from Layer to Layer_Layer. It was able to get it to work in v23.5.

  4. he reinstalled v23.4.2 to see if the modified plugins works with v23.4.2. Finding that the plugins worked, and he said, “I’m lucky to get it done in one try. It could have taken many tries”.

  5. There was no reason to stay with v23.4.2, so John reinstalled v23.5. The end.

What you could do is this: install 23.4.2, then create a new folder. Copy the contents of the PS folder to this new folder (name it 23.4.2 or something similar), and then install 23.5. I just tested this method and it then allows the two versions to be run in parallel. Hope this helps!

Thank you very much! This solved the problem. I didn’t think of it even though it was simple.

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