How to Install Photoshop version 23?

I need to be able to test some of my plugin updates back to CC 2022, When I installed CC 2024, I forgot to make sure that the “remove old versions” checkbox was off.

Anyway, under the “other versions” it shows 22.2 and then the several versions of 24, but nothing for 23.

I really need this installed for plugin backwards compatibility testing purposes. Is there any way to still install version 23?

See if this is right for you Download di versioni precedenti delle app Adobe .

That just shows all of my old perpetual license keys and downloads. So Photoshop 6.0, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, etc. It doesn’t have the older subscription versions.

The Creative Cloud App under “other versions” has version 22 (CC2021) and version 24 (CC2023), but doesn’t have version 23 (CC2022). Not sure why version 23 was removed.

I did a chat with Adobe tech support and they sent me a link to install CC 23.3.2. They said they didn’t have an installer for the latese release 23.5.5. That seems rather strange that they would keep an older release around but not the final release of PS 23.

I really need the latest PS 23 releases of 23.5.5 to test my plugins for backwards compatibility in PS 23. Many of my plugins are set to run in PS 23.5.2 or higher. There were some PS bug fixes that my plugin needed so I changed the minimum version on those to 23.5.2.