If only PS Beta is installed -> all plugins are marked as "non compatible"

I think this is mainly CreativeCloud issue, but it popped up from one of Loupedeck developers - I would imagine that this is a really rare case that someone would have only Photoshop Beta installed - but if so → all possible plugins within the CC marketplace are marked as “Non compatible”.

If Photoshop (release version) is also installed → no issues.

Can anyone verify?

If so → anything that can be done on the plugin’s level, or totally up to CC’s developers.

I asked @samgannaway about this one, and it sounds like an issue with the Creative Cloud desktop app.

If I’m getting this right, you’d need one non-beta Photoshop version installed to see that your plugins are compatible.

It sounds like if you install the plugins outside of the Marketplace you could see them in the Beta app… I could be wrong.