Why am I told "I have not installed an application compatible with this plug-in" when I install it?

My computer is a MAC M1 chip, and I can do plug-in development on it ,But I used the package of UXP to package the.ccx file, When I installed it, he told me that “compatible applications are needed”. this caused me to be unable to install my plugin on my PS2021, what should I do, please?

Who told you that “compatible applications are needed” ?

I’d assume manifest has minVersion later than 2021 (maybe 23.0), but then I don’t know if it would allow the development. Anyway, can’t advice anything based on assumptions in this case

Can you share your system information (from Ps) & what you’ve got in the manifest? Also, what settings do you have in Creative Cloud App preferences (mine below)?

The prompt that appears on Creative Cloud when I click on the.ccx file