Build CCX File from the Command Line


I’ve been asked if it’s possible build CCX files is part of an automated workflow. That would request a way to do it from command line instead of from the Developer Tool.

It looks like the @adobe/uxp-devtools-cli package should be able to do this, however, it has a rabbit hole of dependency issues and doesn’t install.

Does anyone have something like this working?



CCX is nothing else, but the ZIP renamed. Any tool that can compress and rename will do. I personally have a Webpack set up to handle everything and Dev Tools are used exclusively to load and debug

:thinking: The CLI tool is definitely used internally by Adobe employees using UXP…

Got it, thanks! I had assumed that CCX has some kind of signature like ZXP do.

Any chance you’d share the relevant bits of your webpack.config.js?

Check this post

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I have no doubt if works for them :grinning:. I think it’s a documentation issue, there are some external dependancies that I don’t have the bandwidth to figure out. @Karmalakas’ solution will work for me, but I’d be happy to talk to someone at Adobe and show them what I ran into.

Hi @Spike !

We did talk this over on our team, and decided [sample code illustrating this would be helpful],(Sample code that builds a CCX file from the Command Line · Issue #57 · AdobeDocs/uxp · GitHub) and have added it to our backlog.

@Spike The UDT CLI links referred above is incorrect. You should ideally be using -

The uxp plugin package command can be used to generate CCX files in an automated way.

Note: if an App is connected the package command will do an elaborate validation of the plugin package(mainly manifest validation), else it does an basic check if no app is connected.

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