Can't Add Alchemist Plugin

Pretty sure this is me being an idiot but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to load Alchemist now. I get the error “Unexpected token v in JSON at position 0” upon selecting dist\manifest.json .

  1. Downloaded from Github
  2. Unzip
  3. Select dist\manifest.json in UDT
  4. Error

I swear I’ve gone through this before, help is appreciated!

I did this too just last evening, I think you need a release version from here Releases · jardicc/alchemist · GitHub currently 2.7.0

And I am certain you know how to point it to the /dist/mainfest.json (bc thats how I got that error trying the main branch clone also :slight_smile: )

I am excited to hopefully figure out _path: await tokenify(" and I think that was recently tweaked in the generator code with this version (not certain)

Oh man, ok so the main page on github isn’t the latest version:

You have to click through to the latest version on the right.

I had just assumed…

Thank you so much @smithany ! Hopefully this helps someone else not bang their forehead into the monitor over and over.

The master branch should always be good to use as it is. If it is not then I did it wrong :smiley:

There are a few changes since 2.7.0 but all of them should be maintenance only without affecting the plugin functionality.

When I look at it… I think the problem is that I moved some non-source files into LFS. E.g. installer and build. This is to not bloat repo with big files that won’t be edited manually anyway… so no need to compare its content and read them with git. It should improve repo performance.

But this also means you did not download files itself but only links to them.

So manifest content is instead

oid sha256:c2cd28705a297d1dd9c9164439b63aae2163acc075a3919ab4adad3612f083a2
size 3003

If you would init/clone repo it would download automatically but it does not happen when you download a zip archive.