CCX installer does not give option to "Install Locally" - non C Drive Photoshop install

A user for one of my plugins reported that the CCX installer does not give the option to Install Locally. She said it opens up CC but doesn’t give the option to install. For their Windows system, Photoshop CC 2021 is installed on another drive other than the C drive.

Will CCX installers work for a non-C drive Photoshop install?

I’ve asked internally; well let you know what they say.

Did you choose a different plugin ID than the one listed on the Developer Console?
If it has the same ID and people bought it on 3rd party sites, they will be directed to the page on the Adobe marketplace and asked to buy it (again).

I did use an Adobe ID. However, it isn’t on the marketplace. I used the Adobe ID in case I upload it to the marketplace later on.

I don’t think that is the issue though. The installer is working for everyone else. It is just one person that it doesn’t work for. They don’t have Photoshop installed on the C drive so I thought that may be the cause. I think the next step would be to ask them to install Photohop on the C drive and then see if the CCX installer works. I hate to ask them to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop. However, this seems like the next logical troubleshooting step.

OK, this is not an issue specifically with CCX files. There is just something wrong with the user’s CC app on their computer and it can’t install UXP plugins at all from what it appears. They have Photoshop version 22.1.1 installed on the C drive now (may actually have had it on the C originally, not sure now). The CC app is updated to the latest For troubleshooting, I asked them to try to install a plugin from the marketplace and that locked up when trying to install. So I just referred them to Adobe support since it isn’t specific to CCX installers or my installers.

I can only try a shot in the dark but one more thing I remember is that I had some clients having trouble with ZXP installations due to special characters in their username, consequently causing problems with the paths. Maybe it’s something similar to that :thinking:

Thanks for the info. I’ll follow up with them on that.