CEP/CEF Extension Frame Rate on Mac

Hey There - I develop CEP Panel extensions. I noticed the frame rate of the extension panel seems to be capped at 30fps (on Mac). Was wondering if this is a limitation coming from how Adobe utilizes CEF?

I guess the frame rate is controlled by how often CefDoMessageLoopWork() is called. From the extension panel, we can’t really control this. I do know we have the CEF command line switches (List of Chromium Command Line Switches « Peter Beverloo) exposed to us, and we can include them in the Manifest file, but this doesn’t seem to help much. The only one that seems to affect the refresh rate is –disable-frame-rate-limit, but this results in an uncapped frame rate and a choppy / inconsistent UI.

Do you know if 30fps is a cap imposed by the CEP extension environment?

Thanks in advance!

For what it’s worth, extensions on my (very old) Windows laptop run at 60fps

Hi Cam,

I also saw you post this in the github issues… really @Sujai is the right person to answer this.

This is the wrong forum for the question since it’s about UXP and not CEP/CEF… but I understand your frustration.

Hey Erin,

Thanks for the response. The Github issue actually wasn’t my post. Just someone else exploring the same issue at the same time it seems :slight_smile:

Sorry for posting in the wrong place. It looks like this would be better suited for the exchange forums.

@Cam we don’t have any such limits/caps on CEP.
what is the frame rate that you see for your content on web browser? Are you seeing difference between browser and CEP for the same content?

Hi @Sujai ,

There are no issues from my web browser, I have a newer macbook and it can handle higher frame rates no problem. Within the extension, I try to run content with a requestAnimationFrame() loop, and the highest I can get is 30fps as measured in Chrome devtools profiler via a local host debug port (exposed in extension .debug file).

I should also note I’m referring to After Effects here. I’ve not tested on other platforms. Apologies for posting in the Photoshop forum - I’ve also asked my question here in the CEP/CEF forum: CEP/CEF Extension Frame Rate on Mac - Adobe Support Community - 13251628

@Sujai @Erin_Finnegan I’ve confirmed this is an issue in Photoshop CEP panels as well (albeit in Rosetta mode).

Using a sample from Adobe’s UISamples repo, you can profile the canvas tool in Chrome and see that it is only rendering at 30fps, even though the code is running in a requestAnimationFrame loop. You can also just visually note the difference between the panel and the actual codepen.

This seems to persist across all adobe platforms on Mac. Can someone please look in to this? We know it’s possible, since Windows doesn’t seem to have an issue with this.