"...Creative Cloud can not open files of this type"

Some of my customers are getting the above error message when trying to install .ccx plugins on Win10 machines with recent PS 23.
I cannot reproduce this error on one of my own Win10 machines with vanilla PS 23 (no dev mode etc). Is there something i have missed?
Using API2 with manifest V5.

Not seeing the error message. Did you mean to attach an screenshot?

Unfortunately i don’t have a screenshot because the user did not send it and i can’t reproduce the issue.
All i know is that a window in the CC app opens with this message i shared in the topic title.

Got it. The person is trying to open the .ccx file with Photoshop, which is not going to work. They need to open the .ccx file the the CCD app. They might have a file association error on their computer. They can right-click the .ccx file and find the correct app to open .ccx files.

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Then we had the same thought. This was my answer to the customer too. Still waiting for a reply as he is living on the other side of the planet.
Thanks for your help. I will report back if it solved the problem.

I had the same issue. Opening in CC app didn’t work as well.

The problem was solved by right clicking and clicking the UnifiedPluginInstallerAgent.
So that should be a broken file type association. But i wonder why the Creative Cloud app still opens the .ccx file and then taps out. So i believe this is not an OS based association problem but more a problem in the CC app itself.

The CC App sets this association automatically, but it could have been broken in any number of ways. IIRC reinstalling the CC App should fix up the association – typically users shouldn’t have to worry about right-click > open in app…