Critical Web-link Update Request

Good day,

On behalf of my colleague, I am reaching out with a critical request in hopes of assistance. The identifier on the distribution portal is

Over the last two years, the Motion Bro video design plugin he provides has gained impressive popularity among users - the total number of unique downloads has reached 325 thousand.

With the release of the new plugin version, it is necessary for him to change the link in his developer profile. Despite the email sent on December 4th earlier this week, the requested change has not yet been implemented.

The untimely update of the link leads to significant negative perception among users as they are directed to the wrong site. This, in turn, deteriorates the user experience and could affect the product’s reputation in the eyes of the audience.

We firmly believe that expediting the resolution of this issue is crucial to maintain the trust and satisfaction of our users. I kindly request considering the possibility of promptly changing the link in the developer’s profile to prevent further adverse consequences for the product.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt response to this situation. I hope for a swift resolution to the problem and am ready to provide any necessary support for this process.

Best regards,

That link doesn’t seem to work… do you mean this Motion Bro listing: ?

Hi @Erin_Finnegan,
Yes, it’s this plugin. - it’s an identifier in his distribution portal.

Current link in the listing on outdated website:

The updated link should lead to this website: