Downloading .glb file in CC Library via Node?

I can make API requests to see the elements in a library. I have a library that has .glb files in it. What API do I use to download it in my Node application?

The download link for the asset should be available from the Elements API (/api/v1/libraries/{id}/elements/{id}) with the selector=representations query parameter. One of the representations, assuming the asset was added by the application where the element was created, should have a download link in the representations array. In an individual array item, look for the storage_href attribute for the URL or in the _links[""].href attribute.

Here’s an example from a juicy AfterEffects template with multiple representations, this being its primary (as noted in the representation’s relationship attribute):

            "id": "43f5190f-2721-472f-b4e1-d89d51ed3a90",
            "type": "application/",
            "relationship": "primary",
            "path": "a6ebf8c6-a524-4238-b57d-bc07802d0bc9.aegraphic",
            "is_full_size": false,
            "is_external_link": false,
            "content_length": 5532,
            "storage_href": ";version_id=0?component_id=43f5190f-2721-472f-b4e1-d89d51ed3a90",
            "name": "project.aegraphic",
            "version": "0",
            "md5": "SGnRhyiLAjggupanNPH82g==",
            "_links": {
                "": {
                    "href": ";version_id=0?component_id=43f5190f-2721-472f-b4e1-d89d51ed3a90",
                    "rel": "",
                    "type": "application/",
                    "templated": false
                "": {
                    "href": "{;page,size,type}?fragment=id%3D43f5190f-2721-472f-b4e1-d89d51ed3a90",
                    "rel": "",
                    "templated": true
            "etag": "\"4869d187288b023820ba96a734f1fcda\"",
            "is_preferred_thumbnail": false,
            "is_component": true,
            "state": "unmodified"