Using webhook event info to load asset?


I have create a webhook and want to get the newly created file via REST API.{libraryId}/elements/{elementId}

However, I can see library id in the webhook event, but can’t see the matching element id.

How can I use the webhook infos to load the file via REST API?


Additionaly, Creative Cloud Libraries don’t support access to Adobe Creative Cloud Files. I can get the updates events for Creative Cloud Files via the MS Power Platform Integration and can access the files, but I can’t access the Creative Cloud Files via REST API.

I’m also looking for access to the “Adobe Creative Cloud Files” via REST. If I’m correct, Adobe has a REST API to access the CC files but I can’t active it via is still referencing Creative Cloud Files API, but CreativeSDK is deprecated. However the Creative Cloud Zendesk to request access is offline and in the Console of is disabled now.

To sum it up:

How can I access the Creative Cloud Files via REST API, when I receive a notification via Webhook? Should be possible as the Power Platform is also using REST for the connector?

What is the element identifier for a file in Creative Cloud Libraries webhook notification so that I can load the element via REST API.

Hi Patrick!

In this previous post, Ryan talks about Files and the plan for a files API… but he recently left Adobe, so his email address won’t work. I’ll see if someone else from Libraries can answer your question.

Hi Erin,

I have discovered Ryan’s answer after I have posted the messages in this thread.

It would be great if you can reach out to someone how can give an overview about this topic. As Ryan has written in the post, there are some missing pieces.



There was, in fact, a 25-reply Slack thread about your question… mostly, the team discussed the organization of the documentation pages.

Thank you, @bloch

@Erin_Finnegan Thanks for your response.

I’m familiar with the API to load a library element.

Big questions is what is the element identifier in the webhook notification which allows me to call them method "Retrieve a specific Library’s element”? I can’t find any id which matches with the element id needed to load the specific element.

Using "Retrieve the Elements within a Library” with sorting via modified_date and using the first element doesn’t seem like a proper solution. => Only works if no other modification occurred in the meantime.