Export rendition to SVG - Presentation Attributes setting

Hi there, working on the Export features

const renditionOptions = [
            node: node,
            outputFile: file,
            type: application.RenditionType.SVG,
            minify: true,
            embedImages: true,
            scale: 1

Would have
inline ,<style>.a{fill:#ff7b6e;}</style>

But in the manual options, I have “Prsentation Attributes” which is exactly what i wanted.

Try all options, no lucky.

Please advice.

There’s no way to control that setting from the plugins API currently. I’ll raise this with the team to see when we might be able to add it to the API. In the meantime, I’ve changed this thread into a feature request so people can upvote it to help raise its priority.

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Indeed that would be a great feature!

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