Hello! Ru from Bristol, Uk

Hi! I’m Ru - i’ll be working a lot with video – hello to any other video people :clap:

I am co-founder and chief product person for Stornaway.io, an interactive video platform and game engine, focused on making it easy for creatives to tell interactive stories.

We are about to embark on integrating with Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop to begin with. As well as Unity and Unreal and others elsewhere.

We have a lot of creators all over the world who are making interactive video and photo stories for the web and other platforms, in just about every area – education, business, entertainment. So we want to let them work on the interactive stories from within their creative cloud apps.

I’ve designed and managed the creation of a few Premiere panels years ago with CEP for places like BBC, but never been part of this community. I’m excited for the road ahead, working with UXP when it comes for video, and glad to have a place I can connect with you all!

I am working with a great dev agency in London who are super experienced with integrations but have never worked with Adobe before, so I expect we will be starting from scratch and asking lots of stupid questions!



Hello from South Devon!

Hello from Warwickshire!