How do I get FastSpring key for Marketplace?

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I got instructions from FastSpring but on the link, I got in e-mail there is a redirect and I can’t see where I should click. Information in e-mail seems to be misleading. How and where do I get that key?

Do you have signin credentials yet?
I always sign in at and on the dashboard it shows the

Payouts Account Seller ID

But didn’t you have to specify it during the signup?

Btw, are there still no analytics/insights for plugins on the marketplace? It’s been a while now and I still can’t see any data on how my products perform, which should really be a priority for the devs, IMO. It’s confusing to sell stuff and not actually see if or how often it’s selling…

So I clicked that link. Logged in and used activate button and created some FastSpring HyperWallet payout account where I entered my address and everything and added again payment method and it is still empty.

I do not see any FastSpring key anywhere. Also I do not see it here:

Onboarding video says create product. When I do create product it says access denied.

You probably signed up as as payer. Fastspring has different signups for payer and payee. It’s quite confusing at the start. Did you use this link:

Yes I created not one but two accounts with that link.

FastSpring has the worst UI on this planet. Everything is super confusing. It is a miracle to me how they are successful.

This helped my to find the FastSpring key. Basically it is your Company ID which you can find in your account under “Profile”: What is my FastSpring Key for Adobe Exchange? | FastSpring Classic Documentation

Note: I use which is the old version (as I learned) which adds to the confusion. I think at that time it was the only option. I try to forget everything related to FastSpring (did I mention that I really hate it…).

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They’ve got a pretty good customer support though.
I opened a FastSpring store way way back, alongside with the Adobe payee account (they’re separate), and I’ve never converted my store to the modern “contextual” one – i.e. I still go through Springboard. I remember my learning curve was… ehm, quite steep and riddled with words I’m not proud of.
Also the extra HyperWallet step adds a bit of confusion, but this seems to be part of a larger and aggressive campaign that PayPal is undergoing (e.g. they’ve bullied companies such as Gumroad to directly link their vendors PayPal accounts to customers, basically cutting out the merchant of records – that caused quite the mayhem around last December). BTW HyperWallet is a PayPal company.

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