I can't register with FastSpring.

I am unable to register for FastSpring.

Hi everyone, I am having trouble registering with FastSpring.
Sorry, I don’t speak English so I am using a translation site.

I am trying to register a script plugin for Photoshop in the marketplace.
But every time I try to register it from the following link in the developer page, I always get the following error.

Invalid request [s].

Has anyone else had similar problems?

Thank you in advance.

What do you mean by “try to register”? Your marked link works for me

Thanks for the reply.
Sorry for the poor explanation.
It means that whenever I try to register a FastSpring account, I get an error.

I would guess Fastspring can’t process some filled fields. Maybe some UTF characters or something :confused: I think you might have to contact Fastspring support, as this happens on their website

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多分Company Nameが問題ではないでしょうか。これはユーザー識別子として使われるようなので,他のユーザーと重複しない名前が必要になります。

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Please use English. This is an English speaking forum

At least one person has successfully registered here.
Perhaps the company name is the problem. It seems to be used as a user identifier, so you need to give it a unique name.

I don’t mind translating my text into English for you and other English user spectators.

However, is it true that this is an English speaking forum? Isn’t this the “speak English and most likely to get a response, but it’s fine to use another language” forum?

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Well the topic started in English, so it would be appropriate to continue it in same language. Also, it’s much more chances to find answers for others when using forum search, which most users do in English too. If you prefer your native language, you can always use it in private messages. But forcing most users to use translators and excluding messages from forum search results isn’t very nice :slight_smile:


Our developer documentation and websites are currently only offered in English, however, developers are allowed to offer plugins in different languages (I think there is a requirement to support English if you distribute on our Marketplace).

That said, there is no rule in this forum that I am aware of that posts must be in English. In the community forums at https://community.adobe.com/ there are a variety of translation tools and some specific language forums.

It’s worth noting that for many people in this forum, English is a second language.

Since I’ve been working with this community for five years, I’m aware of Japanese speakers and Japanese-language resources created by the community. If someone wants to post in Japanese, and it happens to get picked up by Google and helps others solve the same problem, I think that’s OK.

In short, I agree with @sttk3.


In such a way, the majority discriminates innocently.
Thank you for pointing out, @Erin_Finnegan.

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Thanks for the reply.
I see, it was the company name part…
I will try it once. Thank you very much.

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It may be best to check with Fastspring.
Thanks for the reply.

@Erin_Finnegan @Karmalakas @sttk3

It is true that I am not very good at English,
so it is very reassuring and helpful to get a reply in Japanese,
and I also think it is an advantage of overseas forums to be able to ask questions in English and have many people look at them.

Either way, I am glad that more than one person saw my post and responded in this way.

Whatever the language, I am very appreciative of your kindness.
Thank you very much. Please keep up the good work.

I didn’t think I could post in Japanese. I didn’t think I could post in Japanese :-o





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[Company Name]の部分を変えてみましたがダメなようです。



I tried changing the [Company Name] part, but it doesn’t seem to work.
I can’t determine what is not being used because there is no indication of what is not being used.

Even if I wanted to contact FasFastSpring, I can’t seem to do so without an account, so I’m stumped.
I may have to create a regular account and inquire.

I am using Chrome, is it also affected by the browser? I have tried clearing the browser cache and enabling Cokkie with no change.


  • すべての情報を半角で記入する
  • 電話番号は先頭に日本の国番号81をつけ,090などから始まる番号は最初の0を消す(09012345678 → 819012345678)
  • gmailのエイリアスがあったら削除する(whatever+alias@gmail.com → whatever@gmail.ï¿°com)

I see. The other items I can imagine are the following.

  • Fill in all information in alphanumeric characters
  • Add the Japanese country code 81 at the beginning of the phone number, and remove the first 0 from numbers starting with 090, etc. (09012345678 → 819012345678)
  • Remove gmail aliases if any (whatever+alias@gmail.ï¿°com → whatever@gmail.ï¿°com)
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Email addresses and 2-byte characters seem fine.
I was blindsided about the phone number. I will give it a try.
Thank you for your repeated replies.

Thank you for your contribution as well.

スクリーンショット 2023-03-14 170142



とりあえずChromeを使っているので、Bingでやってみるとスパム扱いされました :expressionless:




@Karmalakas @Erin_Finnegan

I checked the phone number and other details, but nothing changed.

I’m using Chrome anyway, so when I tried it on Bing, it got spammed :expressionless:

I deleted browser cache, deleted cookies, cleared DNS, turned off antivirus,
I tried registering from another PC, but nothing worked.

I am deadlocked.

Since the FastSpring site cannot contact support without logging in,
For the time being, I will try to find out if there is a support window while creating another Script.

You could try this, by filling some dummy data for order

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Thanks for the reply.
I will test with a dummy and inquire.


I can’t come up with any more…Is it locked due to too many failed to send, etc.? Maybe you can also change the email address or other identifying information to something else.

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